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Dating and Addiction: It might be a deal-breaker

- Vinod Kumar

Finding a date as such can be challenging with everyone being so particular and sorted about what they want from their partner. On top, if you happen to be a smoker or addicted to other tobacco products, your chance of finding 'the one' drops a notch. Smoking has lost its charm over time but did that encourage a drop in the number of smokers?

India's most downloaded dating app QuackQuack surveyed its users to uncover the effects of smoking on dating life. Per the survey reports, it has been found that 69% of QuackQuack's male users who are 31 and above are majorly smokers. Whereas 79% of male users between 18 and 30 are majorly non-smokers.  

Tobacco addiction creates chaos in dating life.

47% of people reported dating a person with some form of tobacco addiction at some point in their lives. More often than not, the topic of recovery seemed to have stuck in limbo. 22% of people revealed that they have gotten in fights owing to their partner's addiction. 

What women said

28% of women users of QuackQuack commented that their dates were often emotionally unavailable owing to their smoking addiction. They gave more priority to the substance they use than their relationship. Some of these women disclosed that upon confrontation, their dates would try to justify their fixation with cigarettes for reasons like work pressure, family tensions, and so on. 

Confessions of a smoker

23% of men admitted that they were addicted to cigarettes and other tobacco products but did not reveal the same to their dates. They fear that their smoking habits will cause conflicts in their dating life. 12% of these men said that even though their partners are in the dark about their addiction, they are making an effort to give up smoking and have made good progress.

Dating a smoker is an uphill task.

25% of people aged between 25 and 30 commented that dating a person addicted to smoking can be challenging. You might get caught up in enabling behavior. A person might have serious health damage due to continuous smoking. Most of the QuackQuack users who participated in the survey said that they would not want to be in a relationship with someone who has health issues, especially ones that are self-inflicted.

Deal breaker

14% of people between 21 and 29 said that smoking is an absolute deal-breaker. When you start dating someone to find happiness and stability, it is often not ideal to date someone struggling with such an addiction. These people revealed that they will most likely not consider dating even someone who is trying to quit smoking, considering possible relapse. 

Smoking will cost you!

21% of people between 25 and 35 revealed that they had seen changes in their partner's spending habits owing to their smoking habits and other tobacco addiction. Fuelling an addiction can be expensive. A cigarette a day amounts to a sizable sum of money. 

A Helping hand

16% of women stated that while they know it's not their duty to change their partner's habit, they would still want to help their partners recover from tobacco addiction. They also advised helping your partner quit their addiction by themselves and for themselves. If it is for you that they break their habit, there is a good chance they will relapse. 


17% of the men surveyed mentioned that they like to disclose their smoking habits on the very first date. It gives their date the chance to back out if they wish to. 

According to the survey, 68% of the female users, 31 and above, are smokers. 43% of these women commented that they prefer to inform their dates about their addiction at the initial chatting phase. They believe that their addiction should not harm another person. 

Millennials Vs. Gen Z

According to the findings of the survey by QuackQuack, a mere 30% of the male users, 31 and above, are non-smokers, while only 16% of male users of age  30 and under, smoke regularly or on occasions. The trend follows the same pattern in the opposite sex. A whopping 82% of the female users between 18 and 30 claim to be non-smokers. Whereas 13.6% between 18 and 30 smoke regularly. Considering this pattern, it is evident that the youngsters are more conscious about their health and well-being.  

4.5% of male users aged between 18 and 20 are even trying to quit smoking.

QuackQuack's Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented, "In terms of desirability, smokers are on the back foot compared to non-smokers. According to our survey, there seems to be a complete reversal in smoking habits among users above 31. Not only does the pattern show the majority of youngsters as non-smokers, but they are also consciously trying to quit." 

For smokers and addicts out there, remember to ask for help. Addiction does not just ruin your dating life, but it also wreaks havoc on your body. 

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