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Ujjain Man Who Lost Both Hands and One Leg in Electric Shock Accident Successfully Undergoes Bilateral Hand Transplant

                                                                       - Vinod Kumar

Three years ago in December 2020, Jeevesh Kushwah, a mechanical engineer from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh accidentally sustained a high-voltage electric shock, while working in a steel fabrication factory. He suffered severe electric burns on both his arms and legs and was rushed to a nearby hospital and later on, treated in Indore.

The doctors said that. His right leg and both his hands would have to be amputated for him to survive. Within a few days, his right leg was amputated at above knee level. After 1-2 weeks, both his hands were amputated at below elbow level.


The patient’s family procured artificial limbs for him. He could stand and walk with the help of an artificial right leg. However, the artificial hands were not of much use.   The artificial hands were not fully functional and he found them to be useless for most activities. He relied heavily on his brothers for assistance with daily tasks.

He read about Global Hospitals, Parel, Mumbai in the newspapers and he visited. Dr. Satbhai for the first time in June 2022.

Dr Nilesh Satbhai, Head of Department- Plastic, Hand, Reconstructive Microsurgery and Transplantation, Global Hospitals, Parel, Mumbai said, “I examined Jeevesh and discussed the feasibility of bilateral hand transplantation with him and his family. He and his brother came back and met me in January 2024. Jeevesh was highly motivated and wanted to go ahead with the transplant surgery.


After detailed assessment and planning, we registered him for a hand transplant. Jeevesh was very lucky to receive hands from a brain-dead donor within a month after he got registered. The donor hands were perfectly suitable for Jeevesh’s body frame in terms of size, color, and external appearance.”


Dr. Satbhai further said, “This case had its own set of unique challenges. The primary. injury sustained by Jeevesh had resulted in very severe scarring of both the amputation stumps. There were skin grafts over both the amputation stumps and the underlying structures were scarred and contracted. Hence the recipient preparation was very challenging. Also, the donor's hands had to be dissected and prepared in a different manner so as to match the recipient's requirements. The coordination of the donor and the recipient teams was very crucial, as the donor hands had to travel from Surat to Mumbai, and the recipient had to rush from Ujjain to Mumbai. The surgery lasted for more than 12 hours. The patient had an uneventful recovery in intensive care. He was discharged on the 2nd March. The patient was mobilized out of bed within 4-5 days of the surgery and passive physiotherapy started. He is likely to gain reasonable hand function in the next 6-9 months. The patient will be on lifelong immunosuppression and will have to take the required precautions and care for the same.”


“Losing my hands was like losing a part of myself. Everyday tasks that once seemed very basic now became daunting challenges. The frustration and helplessness I felt were overwhelming, and depression crept into every aspect of my life. I was dependent on others for the simple act of being able to hold objects, wear clothes, eat, tie my shoelaces, brush my hair, or even my personal hygiene. With this new pair of hands, I wish to regain my independence and self-respect. I want to pursue all my dreams and goals, which seemed out of reach before the hand transplantation surgery. I am forever indebted to Dr Satbhai and his team for shaping my life with this new pair of hands and thank the donor family for their kind act,” said the patient, Jeevesh Kushwah.


“On learning that my brother needed a hand transplant, we discovered Global Hospitals in Parel, Mumbai. My brother was lucky to undergo the procedure and is eagerly anticipating using his own hands to work and eat for the first time in three years. My brother has indeed got a new lease of life and we are hopeful that he will get a life partner as well,” said his elated brother Manoj Kushwah.


 “The successful hand transplant at Global Hospital marks a pivotal moment, offering a renewed sense of hope to patients facing similar challenges. The hospital's expertise and cutting-edge treatment facilities played a crucial role in saving and restoring his quality of life. This milestone showcases how advancements in medical technology and surgical techniques continue to push boundaries and expand possibilities for those awaiting transplants. By highlighting the success of this hand transplant, we are encouraged to reflect on the profound difference each individual can make by choosing to donate organs - a decision that carries immeasurable weight in changing and even saving lives,” concluded Dr Vivek Talaulikar, COO IHH Healthcare India..

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