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Care of COVID Positive Mothers and their Newborns

- Dr. Sakshi Goel Chakraborty

New Delhi.
Many COVID positive pregnant women experience mild symptoms of cold or flu. However, pregnant women who are older, overweight or have pre-existing medical conditions like hypertension and diabetes seem to develop severe disease. The primary reason for the transmission of SARS - COV- 2 to neonates is considered to occur through respiratory droplets during postnatal period when they are exposed to mothers or other caregivers with COVID infection, according to Dr Sakshi Goel Chakraborty, Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology, Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Delhi.

There is no conclusive evidence to prove that the virus could be transferred from COVID positive mother to her foetus or baby after the delivery. Dr Goel further adds: “For babies born to women with COVID 19, the overall outcomes are positive. According to a study, only 2-5 per cent of infants get infected through COVID positive mothers.”

According to Dr Sakshi Goel Chakraborty, “COVID positive mothers should be supported to practise skin-to-skin/kangaroo mother care with good respiratory hygiene. This helps to establish exclusive breastfeeding and helps the baby to develop faster and healthier. Mothers should take care of their personal hygiene as well, like washing hands before touching the baby. All the surfaces touched by the mother should be cleaned. Also, one should always wear a medical mask, while physically contacting with the baby.”

Though the virus has not been detected in breast milk of COVID positive mothers and there is no evidence of virus transmitting through it, therefore, there is a lower risk of babies getting infected with the virus. 

Best way to keep the baby safe in the ongoing pandemic is to practise social distancing as it will limit the risk of infection to newborn. Baby should live with the family members only and who are asymptomatic. If any family member has symptoms or is a suspected of COVID then he or she should be isolated from the baby. Only take the baby out in the case of major need like check-ups as it will help in preventing the infection to a large extent.  

Said Dr Sakshi Goel Chakraborty, “As per the latest guidelines issued by WHO, a COVID positive mother should do the following things: Hands should be cleaned using soap and water especially before and after touching the baby. All the surfaces which have been touched by the mother should be cleaned using a sanitizer at regular intervals. The mother who has been coughing and must breastfeed should be helped in cleaning her chest with soap and water. There is no need to clean it every time before feeding but at regular intervals.”

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